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MT11213 Gratitude Party

18 Oct

[Super duper LATE POST. This should be posted around September. Sorry!!!]

Our block, MT11213, decided to make a “Gratitude Party” for our final exam for our PE subject. Our PE is about Recreation and it only lasts until midterms time. Our PE Professor said that we should organize a party for our final exams instead of a written exam. We decided a Gratitude Party because our professor said she likes our section/block so much that we became her favorite. (Awww ♥) That party was a rush but, we did it successfully. The games are so fun, I joined all of it hahaha…but I only won 1 game out of 3. After the party, we ate spaghetti and burger from Jollibee. Yum~! I had so much fun~! I will miss every 10:30 am Monday and Thursday PE class..all those laughter, games, story-telling, etc. No more PE, so it means every Monday and Thursday, our classes will start at 1:30pm.

HERE are some PICTURES AND VIDEOS at the party.
(Sorry there’s super few pictures. 1 and a half hour is not enough for our crazy section.)

[click pictures for bigger view]

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