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The Nerve-wrecking Results

26 Oct


This was posted last October 16 around 7pm on Medical Technology bulletin board in FEU.

Mixed emotions everywhere as we wait on the results. Waiting hours is like the most nerve-wrecking hours if my entire university life. The results will tell I’ll take again exams, shift to another course in my university or transfer to another university just to finish this degree.

I really thought I’ll fail a subject or two or take again exams. But thank God.. all CLEAR and PASSED. I passed my 3rd year 1st semester FAIR & SQUARE. I hope it will be the same results in my 2nd semester.

I am not dead.

21 Oct

Posting here in my blog means I am not dead.

Just sayin’

I mean.. I was busy in my college. And since I passed (YATTA!!!~) I think I’ll start posting here.

Poor blog, last post was on May.





My Grades for 2nd Year 2nd Semester

26 Mar



[click image for bigger view]


10 Mar

No, this post is not about a final post in this blog, nor about a competition and such…rather this post is about our FINALS. Final exams to be exact. Starting tomorrow is a HELL WEEK..study here, study there, study everywhere!!!

Look at my stressed face:


Does this face look stressed? I mean I am smiling there hahaha. Probably SOMETHING GOOD happened so I am smiling though I am stressed from uni. life. In love?

ANYWAY!! Back to the original story here, Final Exams will start tomorrow then after that, Comprehensive Exam for Medical Technology Students D:

67346_611091932238248_2038039861_nI am so nervous for these.

It is sad that I will be parting again to my beloved blockmates..but this isn’t goodbye right?


I Am Waiting For You, November 5

1 Nov


I’ve been so poor these past 3 weeks.

All requirements for the 2nd semester are done.

So, all I have to do is to study hard..

I also miss my blockmates..I miss the fun.


be ready 2nd Semester!!!!!!!!

PS: new haircut πŸ˜€ just made my hair shorter, so my face looks really round. Hahaha

My Grades for 2nd Year 1st Semester

19 Oct

I was really nervous since Wednesday, the 1st day of encoding of grades. FEU students are so looking forward to that day..so that they could enjoy their semester break πŸ˜€ It was really hard to access the student portal in our university’s website. Because of too many people accessing the portal, I am always getting server errors. It’s like, I’ve waited around 9am and saw my grades in the afternoon already LOL. Well, thanks to my blockmates who helped me to access the portal by downloading an app, anti-virus, trying other links, etc. You guys are the best! The grades are appearing one-by-one. SRSLY?! Why not post all grades in one shot?!

Anyway, I am so CONTENTED & SATISFIED with my grades. πŸ™‚

I thank my family for support, friends for always helping me and God for guiding me always. ← Hahaha I said something which is like in beauty pageants and/or championships πŸ˜›

happy~! I really thought I’ll have a GWA of 2. SAFE!!!

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6 Jul

Nope, this post is not about tissue papers hence this is about the tissues in our body. In our AnaPhy class (Anatomy and Physiology), we focused 14 tissues under the microscope. Of course, the slides are ready-to-use because you know, we can’t extract each others’ tissues that easily πŸ˜€ Our professor, Ma’am Chanco, said that we should memorize the appearance of each tissue because we’ll be having a practical exam about those (the name of the tissue shown then the organ source). So we all decided to take pictures on the tissues. Well, thanks to Shaira and her phone’s 12px camera. It’s super hard to focus the camera on my phone. The practical exam was last Wednesday. I hope I got good results.

Here are the pictures. I edited those on Instagram. (FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: judithdayao)


[click the image to make it bigger πŸ˜‰ ]

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29 Jun

We made an experiment to some drops of blood. What will happen if we add some salt water (90% salt and less than 10%salt content) or pure water. So we need 3 samples. I volunteered myself to get pricked on my finger to get drops of blood sample and put on the slide. When Hanna pricked my finger, some of my groupmates are coverung their eyes and more nervous than me LOL. I am not feeling nervous that time..the thing is, I AM IRRITATED. Why? Because my blood is clotting very fast and it takes time to drop the blood to the slide. So to finish the experiment immediately, we called the other group in our class. It was JD we called. We saw JD that he is still bleeding, so we requested him to drop some of his blood for our 2 more sample slides.

Me: “EH?! You are pricked earlier and it is still bleeding?! JD, are you a monster???”
JD: “No, but I am the Chosen One.”
Groupmates: LOL πŸ˜€

It was really fun. Too bad 1 slide is just used for my blood. Oh well πŸ˜€

my blood under the microscope. no it is not dirty, those are the cells πŸ˜‰