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My Nineteenth on the 19th

26 Mar

——— LATE POST! ———

As far as you know, my birth date was on the 19th of March, year 1994.  So starting March 19, I am already 19 years old. According to Wikipedia:

“A person’s Golden or Grand Birthday, also referred to as their “Lucky Birthday”, “Champagne Birthday”, or “Star Birthday”, occurs when they turn the age of their birth day (e.g., when someone born on the 21st of the month turns 21 or when someone born on the fourth, turns four).”


I needed that day to be special, but it turned it out a tiny little bit special…

A day with greetings from text messages, posts on Facebook walls, PM on Facebook chat and mentions in Twitter.

My best friend in high school gave her greetings to me through Instagram:

this was JS Prom

this was JS Prom


I went to the parlor and mall alone. Yes alone. But at dinner time, whole family is there. Our dinner is Japanese. My family LOVE Japanese food, especially Dad and I. I forgot to take pictures because I was so hungry! We ate at Rai Rai Ken in Ali Mall. My birthday dish is..very challenging. Their specialty is RAMEN so I tried one of their ramen dishes. I WON’T FORGET THE TASTE..AND THE SPICY-NESS. O_O


Believe me guys, this dish is very spicy but it’s VERY DELICIOUS.


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