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My Nineteenth on the 19th

26 Mar

——— LATE POST! ———

As far as you know, my birth date was on the 19th of March, year 1994.  So starting March 19, I am already 19 years old. According to Wikipedia:

“A person’s Golden or Grand Birthday, also referred to as their “Lucky Birthday”, “Champagne Birthday”, or “Star Birthday”, occurs when they turn the age of their birth day (e.g., when someone born on the 21st of the month turns 21 or when someone born on the fourth, turns four).”


I needed that day to be special, but it turned it out a tiny little bit special…

A day with greetings from text messages, posts on Facebook walls, PM on Facebook chat and mentions in Twitter.

My best friend in high school gave her greetings to me through Instagram:

this was JS Prom

this was JS Prom


I went to the parlor and mall alone. Yes alone. But at dinner time, whole family is there. Our dinner is Japanese. My family LOVE Japanese food, especially Dad and I. I forgot to take pictures because I was so hungry! We ate at Rai Rai Ken in Ali Mall. My birthday dish is..very challenging. Their specialty is RAMEN so I tried one of their ramen dishes. I WON’T FORGET THE TASTE..AND THE SPICY-NESS. O_O


Believe me guys, this dish is very spicy but it’s VERY DELICIOUS.


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That Valentines Day

16 Feb

Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins 45-pieces Assorted

It was just an ordinary day for me…supposed to be. I was a bit in a mood that Feb. 14. I bought 45 pcs of Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins to give to my beloved blockmates.

Before going to FEU, I went to the computer shop nearby the university to print out my homework, Izza saw a box of munchkins that I held and she said “WOW” with matching “pointing” to the box. After the print-outs, I went to the toilet then SeVen saw me too carrying a box of munchkins, then she said, “WOW” LOL After that, I went inside the classroom then Joseph saw me first. He shouted, “DOOOONUUUUTSSSS!!!!” okay. that was nice. After 10 mins of entering the classroom, half of the munchkins I had were gone hahaha
It is very expected that I won’t be receiving anything that day so, it’s better to give than to receive. I LOVE MY FRIENDS! ♥ I AM CONTENTED OKAY? 🙂

After school, my family decided to go shopping. After shopping, we went to Tokyo Tokyo for dinner. So it was like a Valentines date with my family.

While waiting for them to arrive at the mall, I bought Hot Chocolate from Tsoko.Nut Batirol


Tsokolate Ah

Happy Valentines Day!!! ♥♥♥ (late greeting. but it’s better to be late than never ne~)

Favorite Coffee Shop

29 Jan

I guess everyone knows what it is. 🙂

By the way, I got my Starbucks Planner before New Year so I was happy. And just like this blog, I am not updating the planner that much hahaha. I am so weird. I spend much of my allowance for a Starbucks coffee but then, I don’t write on my planner. LOL I am so lame. On February.. I SWEAR!

Starbucks Planner

Hot White Chocolate Mocha & French Toast

Hot White Chocolate Mocha & French Toast

First Time Cooking a Japanese Food

18 Nov

Honestly, I don’t usually cook. Well, I don’t memorize recipes. Just give me a list/procedure on how to cook a dish then I’ll do my best! Today, I cooked for my lunch and decided it won’t be from a canned food. I want to know more how to cook..so I made a simple Japanese dish. In the canteen in my university, I’ve always loved the “Katsudon”(trans.: Pork Cutlets Bowl) there so I decided I’ll cook it today.

I followed the procedures here: J-SIMPLE RECIPES | Pork Cutlets Bowl


It was yummy! This is an achievement! hooray~!!! And, I am so full..I cooked a lot of this hahaha 😀

Sis & I

27 Aug

“One time, I’ll treat you.”
Finally, that promise came true. It was a Monday, August 20, when we decided to have “sister-bonding” since it is a long weekend. We went to TriNoma, a mall in Quezon City. We really don’t know what to do when we got there LOL. After wandering a bit in the mall, we decided to eat. It’s her treat so it’s up to her where should we eat. It’s hard to choose because there are a lot of restaurants. So we went to Bigoli. She said she already tried in there..it’s my first there there so let’s see!

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Fastfood Breakfast

17 Aug

I always have fastfood breakfast when I am in Manila. It’s always McDo or Jollibee LOL 😀 and sometimes KFC. oh university/college life >_<

Well, Starbucks has the best Hot Choco. 2nd goes to Jollibee. Don’t worry McDonald’s, you always have the BEST fries. My visit in McDo won’t be complete if I won’t order fries :p