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18 May

I have a new livejournal account. For fangirl purposes mostly. HERE 🙂

I am not dead.

21 Oct

Posting here in my blog means I am not dead.

Just sayin’

I mean.. I was busy in my college. And since I passed (YATTA!!!~) I think I’ll start posting here.

Poor blog, last post was on May.




It’s Time..

29 Jan

Yes, it’s time to POST HERE IN THIS BLOG.

Sorry dear blog, I haven’t post anything. I swear I’ll post here as much as I can 🙂

I will post ANYTHING even it is a non-sense post. Hahaha~!!

What Did I Miss?

20 Jan

Hello my dear blog,
It’s been daysssss when our internet has problems. And now it is so back. And it is new so… be good to my downloads new internet, ok?! ☆

Now, I don’t know what to post here. It’s been ages since I post something here. Goodluck to me O(∩_∩)O


3 Aug

So, my blog is having it’s 1st year anniversary 🙂 AUGUST is my anniversary month. Actually, this blog started in Blogger then I switched to WordPress because I think WordPress is less complicated..and also WordPress has an Android app (^^)v  I don’t know if anyone is still reading this blog. Sorry I am a busy(?) person. Too much school works, almost everyday we have exams and quizzes, long homeworks, reports, and the newest is RESEARCH PAPER. My eye-bags are so awful now. look..

gosh. my poor eyes..

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I just had a “segway” there. hahaha…

THANK YOU SO MUCH for anyone there who is still reading this blog. I, thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥

here’s for you my readers:

cheers! “( ^-^)/且☆且\(^-^ )”

100th Post

29 Jun

Hooray~! So again, the aim of my blog is to share my experiences in my life to everyone who are reading this simple blog. And now that I am a “little independent” now because I live in dormitory for some days , I can say that this blog will be used more! Hahahaha..coz you know, the title of this blog, “LIVING WITH MY LOW ALLOWANCE” will be more useful. This time, I will budget my allowance more than usual. Honestly, my parents give me extra money when I’ll go to my dorm..but I seldom refuse the extra because I want to learn how to manage my food expenses and other expenses for university. I don’t work in a job, so I think it will be “awful” to request to my parents some extra to my allowance. I should be thankful to that “low allowance”.

Wait, am I saying some cool stuff there?! Oh yeah whatever :p

We Meet Again, My Dear Blog

29 Jun

Hello! Long time no post ne? I am sorry blog, I want to make some posts but I have no time. I am busy person you know..watching Japanese dramas and movies, reading manga and studying (…?) These days, I enjoyed watching Japanese dramas and reading manga. It is kinda ironic because in this time, I should focus more on my studies..but what are happening during my free days are 80% laid-back, 20% hard-worker. Geez, I need some time management to do my “recreation” things. CHEMISTRY IS GETTING HARDER. I hate you Organic Chemistry LOL. Well let’s see if there will be a time that I’ll love you hahaha..

And yes, I am sometimes in my dormitory..NO TV, NO INTERNET. So my internet life would be during my day-offs (Tuesday, Friday and Sunday) I am in my dorm during Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. I come home when I have day-off the next day. While in the dorm, I can watch tv, well in the cafeteria near the dorm, hahaha! And I can use internet, well using my load or the wi-fi in our university.

This another challenge in my life is very interesting. I can challenge myself if I can be wise enough when I’m not at home. In short, being a little independent. I’LL DO MY BEST!!! 🙂