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This will be very cheesy..

19 Mar

Mom, thanks for giving birth to me.

It’s my 20th year in this world. Those 19 years of many challenges, getting hurt, crazily laughing, being stressed, being depressed, crying a lot, and smiling for simple joys were interesting.

I don’t know if I’m already the daughter that you’ll be proud of, but I know you’re always appreciating my efforts though some were not appreciated by others..

Though you’re not saying it, as your “bunsoy”, I can feel that you’re telling me, “Keep doing your best.”

Mama, you’re often a nagger xD
but I really love you ♡

Mr. Florist~!

11 May

“O Hanaya-san~!” (Florist-san/Mr. Florist~!)

That line keeps ringing in my head since I’ve watched the Japanese drama series, “Bara no nai Hanaya” (The Flower Shop Without Roses) Maybe you are now the owner of the shop an idiot? Duh?! A flower shop without roses? Unbelievable isn’t it? Well, you’ll understand him when you’ll watch the whole series. I LOVE JAPANESE DRAMAS..just so you know 🙂 maybe most of you know about this But I am not the type that makes a whole review of a certain drama. I don’t like to make a looong review about this. Just watch the entire series so that you’ll know that this is an astonishing work of art. And…I made this post so that I can share the happiness! Haha!

I happen to know this drama when I dropped by on this blog post because I want to watch more Japanese dramas with good reviews. That blog is like from heaven! I watched most of her recommended series and I loved those. And probably, Bara no nai Hanaya is one of my favorites now.

This drama starts off terrific, forcing the viewers to make their own predictions on which path the drama might take. – source

If you want to know more about the story, its plot, characters, etc., click HERE.

I also saw a fanmade trailer. It’s..BRILLIANT!



Starring Takeuchi Yuko and Katori Shingo of SMAP. With Matsuda Shota, Shaku Yumiko, Motokariya Yuika, Miura Tomokazu and many more amazing cast.

I just want to say that…this is a MUST WATCH JAPANESE DRAMA. I am very serious here, definitely not a waste of your time.



telling others about Arashi

17 Apr

Arashi is not your ordinary idols… 😉
I want to share this post because all of it are true and this is how we, Arashi fans, describe these 5-rainbow-dorky-awesome-adorable boys.


Little Sacrifice

26 Mar
I love Him

I love Him

(pic not mine. credits to the real owner)

this is from my Instagram account:

my sacrifice for the Holy Week: NO FACEBOOK AND NO TWITTER!!! (And probably this includes NO INSTAGRAM) but I’ll still use FB Messenger so I can talk to my friends. 🙂 See you soon!~

My Nineteenth on the 19th

26 Mar

——— LATE POST! ———

As far as you know, my birth date was on the 19th of March, year 1994.  So starting March 19, I am already 19 years old. According to Wikipedia:

“A person’s Golden or Grand Birthday, also referred to as their “Lucky Birthday”, “Champagne Birthday”, or “Star Birthday”, occurs when they turn the age of their birth day (e.g., when someone born on the 21st of the month turns 21 or when someone born on the fourth, turns four).”


I needed that day to be special, but it turned it out a tiny little bit special…

A day with greetings from text messages, posts on Facebook walls, PM on Facebook chat and mentions in Twitter.

My best friend in high school gave her greetings to me through Instagram:

this was JS Prom

this was JS Prom


I went to the parlor and mall alone. Yes alone. But at dinner time, whole family is there. Our dinner is Japanese. My family LOVE Japanese food, especially Dad and I. I forgot to take pictures because I was so hungry! We ate at Rai Rai Ken in Ali Mall. My birthday dish is..very challenging. Their specialty is RAMEN so I tried one of their ramen dishes. I WON’T FORGET THE TASTE..AND THE SPICY-NESS. O_O


Believe me guys, this dish is very spicy but it’s VERY DELICIOUS.


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Who is the real him?

11 Mar

I always see him everyday. We were always together…laughing like there’s no tomorrow and enjoying what we have now.

He is a typical guy that has simple dreams with high ambitions. A cool guy with mischievous character but with a caring and honest heart. A buddy who is approachable and fun to be with. A pal who is able make you smile and helps you destroy your worries. A friend who is normally a fast walker but willing to adjust himself just to have the same walking pace with you.

He is the guy I like.

It is normal to see that smile and to hear his voice and laughter everyday. Every day is always an ordinary day with him. But honestly, I don’t know what kind of expression he shows when he does the things he like. I know some of the things he like to do, but I haven’t seen him doing it. I really wanted to see that… Who is he that transforms to his other self?… Who is he that does the things he like?…

Who is the real him?

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私達は並んで歩いている | Walking Side by Side

25 Feb

We were walking side by side again…

It just felt so nice to be with him.

Talking about silly stuff, laughing like there’s no tomorrow.

It is so much fun to be with him.


The wind blows to his hair, the sunlight dazzles to his face.

I can see his smile brighter, with those clever and honest eyes.

He walks fast again… I can see his not-so-straight back.

But I like his back, that “back” I can rely on.


Oh no… This is bad.

Isn’t it wrong for me to like him?

Or… Am I just afraid?

私は離さない | I’ll Never Let Go

24 Feb


That special person stretched out his hand to hold my hand. He held my hand so tightly. We were hand in hand..”I don’t want to let this go.”

But I felt that he wanted to let go already. My mind and my heart says, “No! Please don’t go…” I don’t know why…my hand held his hand so tightly.

“私はあなたの手を保 持したい…永遠に.”

And suddenly, without me noticing it, he’d already let go. My heart was torn apart. But… I saw his smiling face. That smile brighten me up. His smile..was everything to me.

So I said to myself, “As long as he is happy…” with a smile on my face.