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Mr. Florist~!

11 May

“O Hanaya-san~!” (Florist-san/Mr. Florist~!)

That line keeps ringing in my head since I’ve watched the Japanese drama series, “Bara no nai Hanaya” (The Flower Shop Without Roses) Maybe you are now the owner of the shop an idiot? Duh?! A flower shop without roses? Unbelievable isn’t it? Well, you’ll understand him when you’ll watch the whole series. I LOVE JAPANESE DRAMAS..just so you know 🙂 maybe most of you know about this But I am not the type that makes a whole review of a certain drama. I don’t like to make a looong review about this. Just watch the entire series so that you’ll know that this is an astonishing work of art. And…I made this post so that I can share the happiness! Haha!

I happen to know this drama when I dropped by on this blog post because I want to watch more Japanese dramas with good reviews. That blog is like from heaven! I watched most of her recommended series and I loved those. And probably, Bara no nai Hanaya is one of my favorites now.

This drama starts off terrific, forcing the viewers to make their own predictions on which path the drama might take. – source

If you want to know more about the story, its plot, characters, etc., click HERE.

I also saw a fanmade trailer. It’s..BRILLIANT!



Starring Takeuchi Yuko and Katori Shingo of SMAP. With Matsuda Shota, Shaku Yumiko, Motokariya Yuika, Miura Tomokazu and many more amazing cast.

I just want to say that…this is a MUST WATCH JAPANESE DRAMA. I am very serious here, definitely not a waste of your time.



Favorite Coffee Shop

29 Jan

I guess everyone knows what it is. 🙂

By the way, I got my Starbucks Planner before New Year so I was happy. And just like this blog, I am not updating the planner that much hahaha. I am so weird. I spend much of my allowance for a Starbucks coffee but then, I don’t write on my planner. LOL I am so lame. On February.. I SWEAR!

Starbucks Planner

Hot White Chocolate Mocha & French Toast

Hot White Chocolate Mocha & French Toast

Sis & I

27 Aug

“One time, I’ll treat you.”
Finally, that promise came true. It was a Monday, August 20, when we decided to have “sister-bonding” since it is a long weekend. We went to TriNoma, a mall in Quezon City. We really don’t know what to do when we got there LOL. After wandering a bit in the mall, we decided to eat. It’s her treat so it’s up to her where should we eat. It’s hard to choose because there are a lot of restaurants. So we went to Bigoli. She said she already tried in’s my first there there so let’s see!

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Hush Puppies Shoes

17 Apr

Black, closed, flat shoes from Hush Puppies. This is for school. Bought this last Sunday in SM Mall Of Asia.



Dinner at Teriyaki Boy in SM Mall of Asia

16 Apr

Last Sunday, we went to SM Mall of Asia after we visited our Auntie in Cavite. We just wandered around. Then dad bought me new school, closed, flat shoes. It’s from Hush Puppies and gosh it is so expensive! I told them it is not needed to buy a new pair of school shoes but mom insisted. Dad was so shocked when he heard the price..but he still bought it. Thanks dad! Btw, my feet is big, American size, so I seldom buy shoes that are expensive..not all times! It’s hard to find my sizes at a mall, except if the stall have American brands..

Ok back to my title of this post! We went to Teriyaki Boy to have dinner. Family loves Japanese food.
It was so yummy!!!! We were so full!!!



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Rewatching a "Kiss"

24 Mar

Rewatching “It Started With a Kiss”, a Taiwanese drama.

It was televised here in the Philippines a long time ago..around my highschool days. And it is re-run again. Ii is durig afternoon and I am forgetting it. That’s why I decided just to watch it on the internet. Kinikilig ulit ako sa kanila. I recommend you guys to watch this. Super duper cute. There is a sequel for this, “They Kissed Again”. I watched it already but I wanna watch again!!!