18 May

I have a new livejournal account. For fangirl purposes mostly. HERE 🙂

This will be very cheesy..

19 Mar

Mom, thanks for giving birth to me.

It’s my 20th year in this world. Those 19 years of many challenges, getting hurt, crazily laughing, being stressed, being depressed, crying a lot, and smiling for simple joys were interesting.

I don’t know if I’m already the daughter that you’ll be proud of, but I know you’re always appreciating my efforts though some were not appreciated by others..

Though you’re not saying it, as your “bunsoy”, I can feel that you’re telling me, “Keep doing your best.”

Mama, you’re often a nagger xD
but I really love you ♡



6 Feb


You have the freewill. You choose.
(photo not mine. credits to the owner)

“What Happened To You Last Christmas?”

4 Jan

These are some questions/reactions of my friends and relatives..asking me what really happened to me last Christmas:

  • Hey what happened??!!
  • Why are you not online for the past few days?
  • You? Not online for days?! Well that is surprising.
  • You’re not replying to my text messages.
  • I haven’t received a group message from you. You sent messages last year. Weird..
  • You are so quiet.
  • Stop watching Japanese dramas and talk to me on facebook.
  • No status updates on facebook huh? Not even a single tweet and update on tumblr.
  • Are you still alive?

It was Holiday so no classes. So it is expected that I’ll be online for the WHOLE vacation. But…reality hurts.

I was in a BAD MOOD for the whole Christmas vacation. Why am I in a bad mood? MEASLES.

Effin measles appeared on my cute face and smooth skin exactly on Christmas Eve. I actually started having slight fever on December 22. “Oh this is nothing. I’ll just drink paracetamol and rest for a day or 2. I’ll be fine on Christmas.” Then when I woke up on the morning of December 24, I looked at myself on the mirror and I saw ugly red spots on my face..even on my arms and body..but none on my legs. I called my mom downstairs and she said those red spots might be measles. She called some neighbors and our neighbor who is a nurse. They said it’s measles. She even called my auntie who’s working in a hospital. Auntie said there’s no cure in measles because it’ll disappear around 5 days. 5 DAYS?! NO CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION FOR ME. Nope I didn’t cry. I was just really on a bad mood in a week.

Thank God it disappeared before New Year’s Eve. New Year is the happiest celebration in our place so I was glad my measles disappeared.

Well that’s it for my boring story. Classes again on Monday so..yeah. 🙂



Korina gets 360-degree bitch-slapping

17 Nov

She defended her husband, forgetting the true meaning of Journalism/Broadcasting. I really thought she’s one of the best news anchors in the Philippines..I am so disappointed. Korina Sanchez, you soiled that once in a lifetime ‘one-on-one’ talk with that great guy in CNN.

Different Faces

26 Oct




The Nerve-wrecking Results

26 Oct


This was posted last October 16 around 7pm on Medical Technology bulletin board in FEU.

Mixed emotions everywhere as we wait on the results. Waiting hours is like the most nerve-wrecking hours if my entire university life. The results will tell I’ll take again exams, shift to another course in my university or transfer to another university just to finish this degree.

I really thought I’ll fail a subject or two or take again exams. But thank God.. all CLEAR and PASSED. I passed my 3rd year 1st semester FAIR & SQUARE. I hope it will be the same results in my 2nd semester.

What Your Coffee Says About You

21 Oct

I LOVE coffee so I want to share this.

[picture not mine. credits to the owner]